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Week beginning Monday 27th April

Miss Prichard and Miss Woodward have collected together some tasks that you can download from here and some tasks have been put onto purplemash – try and do both if you can.


On purple mash you have the story of King Midas and the donkey ears to read (there's a copy here too) and then a storyframe to sequence and speech marks to punctuate correctly.  The speech marks powerpoint here may help you. 

The attachments here are another story about King Midas and a Harry Potter studio tour – should be good fun to explore too.


On purplemash there are a variety of pieces of work that will be in your 2Dos this week.  The main learning is about perimeter and area.  Link - What is perimeter?  Link – How can I work out the area of a shape?  Link – How can I work out the length of an object?


Here is some further work you can do into your exercise book or onto the sheets if you can print them.


This activity is great to explore the force of water and enjoy the lovely weather we’re having at the moment -

Angry Earth Topic   Link – How mountains are formed.  On purple mash you can write a diary about being an explorer on a mountain like Alastair Humphrey.

If you didn’t watch these clips last week please watch them -


In French we will be looking at French greetings this week. Watch the clip and join in with the actions and words.

Now have a go at the quiz on Purple Mash called French Greetings

Now watch this clip and see if you can recognize any of the greetings.


On behalf of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough School Games, we would like to invite you to take part in the Summer Virtual School Games.

Each week there will be a timetable of daily challenges. The idea is that you complete one a day for that week and then send your videos or pictures to either or


You can either tweet - @Cambspborosg or @HuntsSSP

Or you can either tag on Facebook: 

County School Games: School Games in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Hunts: Hunts School Sport Partnership


Remember to put your first name only and St Johns CE Primary School when sending, tweeting or tagging in your photos or videos.


Please read the letter for more information.


Each picture/video that is sent in will win points (10 points each) for our school to have the chance to win a prize and there is also individual winner each week too!


I wonder who will be our star of the week this week?