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Week beginning Monday 22nd June

You’re all doing really well with your home learning remember it’s always nice to see some of your work and things you’re doing.


These tasks are also accessible on purple mash along with our spellings and story chapters

Day 1 – Listen to part of an oral retelling of a fable; predict what may happen in a story; write imaginatively to make suggestions.

Day 2 – Listen to the remainder of the oral story; compare with predictions; identify and distinguish between homophones; compose similes.

Day 3 – Listen to a picture book re-telling of the same fable; compare the two versions; write punctuated dialogue.

Day 4 – Listen again to the fable; using the determiners a or an correctly; write persuasively in role.

Day 5 – Read poetry; answer questions about poems; select a favourite poem and begin to learn it.


These tasks are also on purple mash as well as some games you may enjoy and will definitely keep your maths brain working!

Day 1 – Count in 4s and 8s.

Day 2 – Describe the rule for a sequence and continue it.

Day 3 – Revise times tables and division facts (1×, 2×, 3×, 4×, 5×, 8×, 10×).

Day 4 – Understand angles as an amount of turn and right angles as quarter turns.

Day 5 – Understand angles as an amount of turn and right angles as quarter turns.

Angry Earth Topic

Watch this clip about the layers of the Earth that are below our feet and then you can make a ‘layers of the Earth flip-book’.

Learn About Planet Earth - Structure of Earth.mp4

Still image for this video


This video lesson about igneous rocks is really interesting after doing the work about the layers of the Earth:

This is a little investigation to try at home:


Sacred texts contain important stories for many religions.  Watch the clip about a Jewish festival.  What is the miracle in the story?

Either on paper or in 2Create draw a Menorah and explain what Jewish people do each year to remember the miracle in the temple.  Can you think of any other festivals that are similar to Hanukkah?


Think of a place that is really special to you Draw it.  Explain why it is special to you.  Explain how you would feel if it was ruined or spoiled.  



In this lesson we will look at an Optical Illusion piece of art before creating our own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.




password: Parents20!

If you go through the teacher icon you have access to banks of lessons, songs to learn, video clips - have a little look and enjoy.


Hope you enjoy this weeks lessons and anything you're really proud of we love to get pictures or videos. It could be - some amazing P.E you're doing in the garden, a video like Sylvia's or a poem.