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Week beginning Monday 20th July

You’re all doing really well with your home learning remember it’s always nice to see some of your work and things you’re doing.


These tasks are also accessible on purple mash along with our spellings and story chapters –

  • Day 1 – Children read a collection of jokes. They try making up their own jokes and then make a joke book.
  • Day 2 – Children look at examples of ‘exquisite corpse’ pictures and then draw their own. They write strange sentences and consequence stories using the same method.
  • Day 3 – Children read about dragons and match pictures. They write multiple-choice answers for given questions. They invent their own dragon.
  • Day 4 – Children complete ‘crosspoint’ puzzles. They complete a crossword and then make up their own.   
  • Day 5 – Children read a menu and a poem about revolting food. They write their own menus. They explore recipes for revolting foods and then make up their own recipes for Roald Dahl foods.    


These tasks are also on purple mash as well as some games you may enjoy and will definitely keep your maths brain working!

o Day 1 Mathematical investigation (1): Children use investigative and spatial skills to solve a geometrical problem. They will need to be systematic in checking solutions.

o Day 2 Practical Activity: Children will use practical skill to investigate creating the nets of cubes using the patterns of squares explored on Day 1.

o Day 3 Puzzles: Children will use addition skills to solve a fun set of number puzzles which involve finding the cost of different names using a rather special number-alphabet grid.

o Day 4 Game: Children learn to play a game using ‘pentomino’ pieces. They will be using logical thinking to devise a winning strategy.

o Day 5 Mathematical investigation (2): Using their visualising skills, children investigate how pentominoes can be combined to make rectangles.

Angry Earth Topic

Tsunamis are caused when Earthquakes happen under the sea.  Watch this clip

and then have a go at the card sorting activity.