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Week beginning 20th April

Welcome to the start of our ‘Angry Earth’ topic.  We have collected together some powerpoints, which have some voiceovers on and some video links.  These will be helpful to watch before going on to some of the activities on Purplemash.


Answer questions during the power-point presentations the work can be done into your exercise book.  The answers are given call Mum or Dad through to mark the work as you go along.  

Watch this and then write your own adventure story using '2 create' on Purplemash.


On purplemash there are a variety of pieces of work that will be in your 2Dos this week.  The support work is about ‘Time’ as several of you find this quite difficult watch these video links perhaps 1 each day this week will help you –


This video clip will help with your understanding about magnets which will come up in your 2dos this week –

Angry Earth Topic

We’re going to start with mountains and mountain ranges around the world.  Later this week you have a quiz and a fact-file to complete about mountains and you will need to have watched these clips and done some research online.


A different type of activity we thought you’d enjoy remembering names of French animals, you can learn this song -

I wonder who will be our star of the week this week?