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Week beginning 18.05.20

For this week's English Lessons there is a task to write a formal letter, We would like you to write a letter to an elderly resident of a care home. We would like you to cheer them up and send a smile during these times, they are not allowed visitors at the moment and are missing their families and loved ones.


Tell them things you may have been doing, maybe something you have watched - a film or interesting program?

Have you created something interesting?

Have you learnt to cook or bake? What have you made?

Have you learnt to play a musical instrument?

Have you been taking part in the Joe Wicks PE sessions or the Sports competitions? 

Have been on an interesting walks? Do you have a pet you may have been out walking with?

Have you read any good books?


Tell them a little about yourselves: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are they younger or older than you? Do you have any pets? What do you like doing? What is your favourite subject at school? Have you learnt any new skills? 


Please write your letter with the school address to reply to NOT your personal home address and sign your first name only


You can either hand write your letter and photograph it to send to us or write your letter using Purple Mash or a different computer program to email to us.

Please email your finished letter to either the year 4 email address or to Mrs Maginnis or Mrs Watson via Purple Mash.


Have fun writing and we look forward to reading your letters to pass onto the Care Home. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us for any help and support.


Mrs Maginnis and Mrs Watson

The resources for English, Maths and Science have been put onto Purple Mash in Word format as 2dos now. You can print off the task or complete it on your computer. You can then upload your work to Purple Mash and we can see what you have done. 


If there are any problems please contact us on 


Mrs Watson and Mrs Maginnis