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Wednesday 6th May 2020

​​​​​​Wednesday 6th May 2020


English: In your home learning packs, you were given a copy on how to form the different letters correctly. Today we would like you to look at the letters and work through them practicing the ones that you find tricky. Attached is the powerpoint of Mr Pencil where he models how to form these letters correctly. Remember to take your time and do not take your pencil off the paper till you have finished writing the letter.


Maths: Play the game; and practice our number bonds to 10 from yesterday.


Now that we know our number bonds to 10, we can move onto our number bonds to 20. Watch the Lesson 1 video starting at 6:30 minutes If you can count out 20 small objects this time. You can break the number of objects into two groups and write the number addition sentence; 0+20=, 1+19=, 2+18=. Again the first number is getting bigger by 1 and the second number is getting smaller by 1. You should be able to see the similarities between these number bonds and your number bonds to 10. The 'ones' part of the number is the same as the number bonds to 10. Keep breaking up the number of 20 objects one-by-one until you can see all 20 addition sentences. 


Complete the Purplemash activity;  Number Bonds to 20.


Phonics: Today we are going to recap the alternate spelling of ‘y’ for the sound /igh/, as in ‘sky’ and ‘shy’. To remind yourselves, watch this short video

Once you have attached the short video, complete the activity on Purplemash where you need to match the correct word with the picture.


Guided Reading: Log onto Oxford Owl Reading Tree and search for the relevant book for your guided reading group:

Elephants: An Odd Bug

Zebras: Funfair Fun

Giraffes: The Magic Paintbrush

Lions: When Animals Invade

Parrots: Planet Exis


Geography: Click on the link 'Geography' underneath the title 'Summer Project' on the previous web page. There you will find this term's Geography project. You will be creating a fun information book about Africa. There are three parts; African Weather, African Animals and African Life. Today, choose only one of the parts to find information to put into your All About Africa book on Purplemash. When you have finished that part, save but do not hand in your work yet. The same activity will be available for you to complete for the next 3 weeks. You will come back to the book at a later stage to add to.