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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good Morning!


English - Today I would like you to use your wonderful imaginations to plan your own alternative traditional tale. Perhaps the princess will run away with the frog instead of the prince? Perhaps the wolf will be delivering food to the elderly in a helpful manner? Perhaps the Prince will be the bad character and cause problems in the story? The choice is yours!! You can watch the videos from Monday to give you some ideas if you need to, and then write down some notes on the sheet below or in your English book. Think about the 5 parts of the story which we have learnt about before (opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending) and use those brilliant adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the characters, setting and actions in your story. Tomorrow you will be asked to type/write the story into full sentences. Today is all about planning. Remember the better the plan, the better the story.


Maths- Please have a go at this shape lesson where you will look at right angles and how to find them within shapes. . Go on a treasure hunt and see how many right angles you can find. 


Guided Reading - See Monday's page to check guided reading tasks. Don't forget to have a go at the maths game and some of the ly suffix challenges. 


RE-  This week we are looking at the special symbols Sikhs wear to show they belong to the Sikh community, like we wear school uniform.These symbols are known as the 5 K’s.

Watch this clip.

Answer the quiz Sikhism week 3 either on the sheet below or on the purple mash quiz. 


Music-Use the sheet below to help you understand that pitch can vary throughout music. Hand signs are often used in music to show vocal pitch. Can you use the hand signs in your favourite song?