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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning!


English - Continuing with our traditional tales week, today we would like you to describe characters within the story. We would like you to use adjectives and a family of 3. For example, Goldilocks had golden, curly hair, a blue, spotty dress and bright, green eyes. This description used 3 expanded noun phrases to describe the character. (For parents - an expanded noun phrase is using more than 1 adjective to describe). You can complete these descriptions in your English books, use 2create a story or 2publish on purple mash, where you could also add a picture, or use the sheets below, which also include some useful vocabulary. Complete as many as you would like to. Try to read a description out loud and see if the person listening can guess who you are describing!

 Maths- Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction to complete the following word problems. Remember to draw out your answers to check that they are correct. You can use partitioning, tens and units and number lines to help you solve the problems. Remember to read the questions carefully. 

Guided Reading - see Monday

Music - Use the sheet below to help you understand pitch and decide which instruments have been  used in the folk song.

R.E. - Watch the video (link on sheet) and answer the questions on the sheet below, about how Sikhism began.