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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Wednesday 29th April 2020


English: On Purplemash, open the 2Do named ‘Finding features in a recount’. Read the example of a recount about a trip to the zoo. Using the thin coloured pens, underline the different features that you can see in the recount.

For time connectives use the colour blue. Remember time connectives are words like: first, next, then, after that, finally.

For adjectives use the colour red. Remember adjectives are words that describe a noun (a thing). For example: smelly food. Smelly is the adjective.

For verbs in the past tense use the colour green. Verbs are doing words such as went, gave and stomped. Some past tense verbs are easy to identify as they have the suffix –ed. See the word mat attached below for a list of past tense verbs.


Maths: Today we are counting in 10s. You could build or draw groups of ten and use your 100-square to count up to 100. What do notice about the numbers? What is the pattern? All the numbers end in a 0. 


Go to BBC Bitesize and work through the counting in 10s exercise;

When you are finished watching the videos you can complete the questions. There is a task to complete on Purplemash; Counting in 10s. Remember to use your 100 square to count in 10s. 


Phonics: Today we are looking at the spelling of ‘y’ to make the ‘/ee/’ sound such as ‘happy’ and ‘sunny’. Watch the video recap the sound and the alternate spelling

Once you have recapped, log into PurpleMash and complete the task of the alternate spelling of /ee/. Look at the picture and choose the right word that matches the picture. Read each word carefully.


Guided Reading: Go onto the Oxford Owl website;

Search for each book in preparation for the comprehension questions tomorrow. Your reading groups were emailed through PurpleMash. 

Elephants: Moths!

Zebras: Dragon Training

Giraffes: Stampede

Lions: Zoom Out!

Parrots: Season Swap


Geography: 'Africa's Big 5' are five animals that can be found in Africa. They are the; Buffalo, Elephant, leopard, rhino and lion. When describing these animals you can look at their features, diets (what they eat),  habitats (where they live) and if they are endangered (in danger of disappearing). They can be described as a; 

  • carnivore - eats only meat.
  • herbivore - eats only plants.
  • omnivore - eats meat and plants. 

Watch the video about the Big 5, look at the web page that is linked and the 'Big 5 Flashcards'. On Purplemash there is an activity 'Africa's Big 5'. Underneath each picture describe the animal. Remember to use some of the key words - diet, habitat, Africa, Savannah, Grassland, predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, tusk, Mammal, Cat, trunk, horns, endangered, conservation (ways to keep the animals safe) and captivity (animals that are kept in zoos). 

Web page:



PE: Complete Day 3 of the Netball challenge and send us your picture or video of you completing the challenge. Take part as prizes can be won at the end of the week for possibly yourself and the school. Photos and videos create points and points make prizes. For more information, see virtual school games tab on our home learning page.