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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Daily  Tasks –Wednesday 24th March 2020

PE : Live at 9.00 on Youtube. Find The Body Coach TV.

Maths Task :Inverse opperation which is in your learning pack but can also be found in the attachments below. 

English Task:  Design a leaflet, PowerPoint or report based on healthy living. Remember to include key features such as title, hook, subheadings,facts, pictures and captions. 

Guided Reading :  Have a go at the spelling test on purple mash. Practice handwriting your homework spellings for this week  into your book. Think carefully about the size of each letter. Then write a sentence using each of the spellings. The spellings for this week can be found in the homework folder. 

Topic Task PSHE: Think about how you feel when you are hungry. Think about why food is so important for our bodies. Complete the sentence stems on Purple mash 2do and then create a short film persuading others of the benefits of eating a healthy lunch. Do send any film clips to the year 2 email address.