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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Wednesday 25th March 2020

English: Complete the task on Purple Mash 2Do: Sorting Nouns. A noun is an object or name for something. Nouns can be either singular, only one of them (a dog) or plural more than one (dogs). We need to sort the nouns into singular or plural. We only look at the words that add an a -s or -es to change it from singular to plural. After completing the task 'save' and 'hand in'. When you finish play the game on the link; Choose 'grade 1' first, then give 'grade 2' a go for a challenge (there are some nouns in there that need changing to become a plural. 

Maths: Watch the video from the White Rose Hub website: Lesson 2: Measure Mass Once you have watched the video, log onto Purple Mash and complete questions 1-3

Reading: Log onto Purplemash and check your 2Dos ‘Ned and The Three Bears – Chapter 3’ only.

Topic RE: Watch the video about the Easter story Answer the following questions:

Why is Good Friday a sad day for Christians?

Why is Easter Sunday a happy day for Christians?

You can either answer these questions with accompanying pictures in your book that was given in your home learning pack.

Research into why is Good Friday known as Good Friday -

Phonics:  Read these words from 2014 Phonics Screening and once you have completed play this phonics game

Username: march20

Password: home

Once logged in click on children> Picnic on Pluto> Phase 5> au