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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

English: The third book that we will be looking at that ties in with our topic of ‘Safari’ is called ‘For you are a Kenyan child’. Listen to the story and complete a book review. A book review is where you talk about the book – what it is about as well as favourite and least favourite parts. Some book reviews will also say who they think the book is aimed at – children, teenagers or adults?


Maths: Watch this video that shows how we partition a number; Today we will be comparing numbers. In order to do that we split a number into tens and ones to see how big or small it is. You could use your tens and ones that you made yesterday or look on your 100-square. You even try drawing each number on a piece of paper, your tens will be a line and your ones will be dots. It is easier to compare numbers when we can represent them visually. Compare the two numbers; 34 and 68. How many tens do they have? How many ones do they have? How do we know which number is biggest? You could try comparing two other numbers until you feel confident with partitioning.


Now look on PurpleMash and complete the 2do: Comparing Numbers. 


Phonics: Today we are looking at the ‘ai’ sound as in ‘snail’. Work through the sounds outlined in the youtube video using the following link  

Once you have recapped all the different sounds, log into PurpleMash and complete the ‘ai’ spelling task. Make sure you have your sound on as the words will be spoken to you to spell.


Guided Reading: Log into Oxford Owl Reading Tree using the following link:


Once logged onto our class page, type in the book that your group should be reading in the search bar.

Elephants: A Dog’s Day

Zebras: Plants for Dinner

Giraffes: What’s that noise?

Lions: Perfect Pets

Parrots: Our Class Tiger

You will be given questions about your book to answer tomorrow.


Geography: Our topic this term is Safari and this lesson will introduce you to the continent of Africa. What is a continent? Can you name all seven continents? Which continent do we live on? We have already studied continents last term, so some of you should be able to name a few of them. Work your way through the power point and watch the videos. Read the fact file and discuss some of the physical (naturally created) and human (man-made) features of Africa. You can sort these into each category in your exercise books or on a piece of paper. Explain why you think they are physical or human. We are reading Handa’s Surprise in English and this story is set in Kenya. Kenya is a country in the continent of Africa.


Watch the videos here -