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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Maths-  Have a go at making different number bonds to 10 using this game. to warm up. Then practice subtraction using a numberline. Draw out your number lines and remember to have the smallest number at the start and the largest number at the end. Remember to find the next friendly 10 and then count on. Count your jumps carefully to find the difference.

English- Use your planning notes from yesterday  write your recount. Remember to use your checklist to help you make sure all features have been included. Remember to think about what words are going to get you green. Please write this recount on 2write, a word document or into your English book.  For those who are in Earth group do use the sheet provided to help you write it. Please send in examples as it would be great to celebrate each other’s work.

Guided Reading- Continue to complete your weekly guided reading tasks. Enjoy playing the games and keep practicing your handwriting.

RE- This term you will be looking at Sikhism. This week we want you to investigate what community means. Watch the link below Think about what it means to be part of community. What shows that you are part of the community? Think about what is on your school uniform. Draw a picture of yourself in your school uniform and label how that shows that you are a part of the school community. Think about any other communities that you are a part of and write a sentence about the other communities you are a part of. To draw your picture you can either do it on purple mash on the set 2do or draw it into your book. 

Music – This half term you will be looking at folk music from around the world. The first folk music you will listen to is from Victorian Britain. Look at the pdf worksheet to find the links to the music and then follow the instructions to do the task. This pdf can be found below or on purple mash.