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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Wednesday 20th May 2020


English: Compound words are two words that can be put together to make a whole new word such as:

Butter + Fly = Butterfly

Snow + Man = Snowman

Can you think of anymore?

Watch the following video and complete the short quizzes about compound words on the BBC website.

Once you have completed all activities, complete the ‘Compound Nouns’ task on Purplemash.


Maths: Today we are looking at telling the time, on the hour. Talk about reasons why we need to know the time. What time do you wake up? What time do you have lunch? How long does it take you to brush your teeth? On an analogue clock there are two hands. Watch the video recapping how to tell the time to the hour: The long (blue) hands is the minute hand, this points to 12 when the time is on the hour. The short (red) is the hour hand and points to what hour it is. There is a cut out clock below, choose a random hour and show it on your clock: "Show me, 3 o'clock'. Alternatively, draw your own clock to cut out. 


When you have finished practicing, there is an activity on Purplemash 'Time - Whole Hours'. 

If you would like to do an additional challenge look on, Click on the activities that are related to time. 


Phonics: Today we are going to be looking at the alternate spelling of ‘ew’ for the ‘/ue/’ sound as in ‘grew’ and ‘blew’. Watch the short video to recap the alternate spelling.

Once you have watched the video, complete the following activity on Purplemash.


Guided Reading: Read chapter 3 of the story ‘The Tale of Ostrich and a Very Long Neck’, which is set in Africa, on Purplemash and then complete the activities that goes with it.


Mental Health Awareness Week: This week is Mental Health Awareness and the theme for this year is ‘Sleep Heroes’. Check out the page back on our class homepage and have a look at some of the activities and information. If you complete any of the activities, we would like to know so send in your pictures to our Year 1 team email.


PE: Complete Day 3 of the Cricket challenge and send us your picture or video of you completing the challenge. Take part as prizes can be won at the end of the week for possibly yourself and the school. Photos and videos create points and points make prizes. For more information, see virtual school games tab on our home learning page.