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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good Morning!


English - Over the next couple of days we would like you to gather facts about the Queen and to create your own fact file about her. You will need to think about a title, sub-headings and of course facts to write underneath each of the sub-headings. You can include pictures and captions as well. There are some powerpoints below for you to use to help you, and also some websites where you could gather facts from. To record your work you can write your fact file into your English book or you can use the 2do on purple mash. Take your time to read the information before you write the report. Good luck!


Maths- Please have a go at this shape lesson where you will be comparing and sorting  2-D and 3-D shapes. Remember to think carefully about the properties of each shape.


RE - In RE this week we will be looking at a Sikh story, about how everyone is equal in God's eyes and that there is room for everyone. This story is called 'The Milk and Jasmine Flower.' The sheet below contains the story as well in case you would prefer to read it,


Watch the clip and then using 2 create a story on purple mash, create 3 or 4 slides to re-tell the story. Try to write the story in your own words. On the clip there is also the story of 'Duni Chand and the Needle', which you studied in year 1. See if you can remember it.


Music - This week please look at the sheet below which teaches you about changes in tempo within music