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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we are going to use our knowledge of division to find fractions of amounts. Please read the attached PDF which gives you an explanation before you try your own fraction questions.


English -  Continue using your plans from yesterday,  to type/write your alternative version of 'Lost and Found'. Think carefully about the sections of the story and the vocabulary and story language you will use to make the story as exciting as possible for the reader.  Please check each sentence has the correct punctuation in it and that they all make sense. Read your story to someone in your house to make sure they can understand what you have written. Enjoy, good luck, knock my socks off!! 

R.E. - This week we are learning about what it looks like to member of faith. Consider the festivals that you celebrate in your community. Look at the PDF document below, watch the clip and then complete the task. I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations. Please send in any photos to the year 2 email address or via purple mash email. Have fun!


Music - This week we are revisiting pitch as well as beginning to learn about the notes in music. This week we would like you to listen and learn this African folk song. Join in with the song using the hand signals and then create your mnemonic to help you remember the order of the notes.