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w/b 22.6.20


Read the chapter Attack on All Fronts, look for the following words in context (that means in the sentences)

Intently, plaits, walloped, tutted, precariously, coincidence, gracefully, suspicious, withering, glancing, dawdling, quicksand.


Listen to it here:


Do you understand all the words listed above? If you are not sure of any, look them up, use the clues in the sentences in the book to help you. Try writing your own sentences using these words, can you use the in conversation with the adults you live with, see if you can explain to them what they mean, or ask them if they can help you to understand their meaning.



What do you think it would be like to live in a lighthouse? Write a descriptive paragraph sharing your first impression of such an unusual place to live. 



Write a diary entry for these events from the perspective of a character of your choosing (Olive/Esther/Queenie/Cliff)



Re-read the chapter and answer the Guided Reading Questions below.



Extended writing task. 

Make a fact file about what Kindertransport was, use the internet to help you to be able to make this a quality piece of work. 

These videos might help further your understanding:




You have two options for your Maths learning both are areas that you have already covered within Year 6 but it is your choice where you would like to focus your learning. The Year 6 work should be at a suitable level however if you are struggling or need a bit of a challenge then try a different year group. Please remember that we expect you to be doing Maths daily. 


BBC Bitesize (Area and Volume):

Additional support videos for BBC Bitesize can be found here: 


Oak Academy (Percentages):




This Half Term we will be looking at light. We will be starting with some Oak Academy lessons and will then link this knowledge to our History topic of World War 2.

This week follow lesson 4 here and complete each activity.



Key Question: Is the story of Anne Frank relevant for children today? Why do you think this?


Watch the video and find out more about her here: 

Take a tour of the secret annex:

Other sites to look at:


Main Task: Have you ever thought about writing a diary? Try keeping a diary for the next week - how do you display your thoughts and ideas? Do you draw, write, blog or vlog? Remember that diaries are extremely important for historians to find out about daily life but they are also an excellent way for people to work through problems or concerns they are having. Many famous people throughout time have kept a diary. 




This week we are learning which festivals Buddhists celebrate.  As before the lesson can be found on the Oak Academy website: You will need your home learning book (or paper) and something to write with. 



This week we are going to do a DT challenge on the theme on WW2.  You need to design and make an Anderson shelter strong enough to hold a hardback book on top.  The details of the challenge can be found in the attached pdf.  If you can, please take photographs of the results and email to Mrs Holt on Purple Mash, or the year 6 team email address.




Please see the attached booklet to do some transition sessions for moving up to Secondary School at your own pace. This booklet is designed to be done a page each week so should last you for the whole of this half term.



The Association For Physical Education, are uploading 2 videos a week to their website and youtube channel. It would be really wonderful, if you could take part in some activities at home! 

Please also, if you can, send in any photos or videos of you and your family having a go at these to the year 6 email at the top of the class page.


There is also the weekly Virtual School Games to take part in as well.