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w/b 18.5.20


This week on you will be recapping how to multiply and divide decimals by a whole number. This is something that we have covered in class but will be very useful for you to practise. BBC Bitesize has videos to help you but if you are still struggling then White Rose Hub also has videos to support you in the activities set. 


Remember if you are not being challenged by the Year 6 work try Year 7 or Year 8 instead. - there are additional quickfire arithmetic style questions at different levels here.

English - Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

Our English this half term is going to centre around a new book called Letters from the Lighthouse. It is a brilliant book full of intrigue that is set during World War 2 so fits in perfectly with our new History topic. I will add each chapter as an extract but have also included a list of places where you can find the book online for free. You don't have to do these tasks in any particular order and you can just listen to the book if that helps with your understanding of the story however they should be completed by the end of the week.


Tasks for this week:

  • Read Chapter Five - Caring for Evacuees is a National Service
  • Word Investigation - a Purple Mash activity finding the definition of key words for the chapter
  • Reading Comprehension - a Purple Mash quiz which checks your understanding of the chapter you have read
  • Writing Task (choose one option)
  1. Write the ghost story ‘The Hairy Hands’.
  2. Write a person specification for an evacuee to help out on a farm. Think carefully about the skills they would need and why they would need them.


Letters from the Lighthouse (Another teacher is reading Ch 5 in this video)



Additional writing opportunities: - at 9:30am daily there is a live hour long lesson from experienced English teachers. Children can send in their own work and it may get posted on their blog. - Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine at 9:45am (she is very good and bases writing tasks around a short film) - a useful writing stimulus - there are different videos on here daily from a range of children's authors that set a writing challenge and offer hints and tips for how to get started.

Chapter 5 - Caring for Evacuees is a National Service


Have a go at one of these investigations. Try doing a different one each week and see what you discover.


This term we will be covering a new topic - World War 2. Each week you will be set a key question (which will be the focus of our learning and a way for you to check your understanding) as well as a small task - answer both either in your exercise books or you can email them on Purple Mash. Remember - if this is an area of particular interest for you then I would be very happy to receive any emails showing additional work or research that you have completed.


Key Question: Why was rationing enforced by the government so quickly and why did it carry on after the war?


Watch this short video:


Choose one of the tasks below:


Task One: Read people's memories of rationing in wartime below. How do you think you would feel if all items in your life were rationed? What one thing in your life would you miss the most if it was rationed or completely unavailable for 5 years?


Task Two: Either research your own wartime recipe or use one from the booklet added below and cook (with permission from an adult at home) your own wartime recipe. Please send in any pictures and let me know how they tasted!


We are continuing to look at what things religions have in common. Many religions have rules about being honest.  The Ninth Commandment (which can be found in Christianity and Judaism) is about not lying. The commandment is: You must not give false evidence against your neighbour. This means do not lie. On the 2do I have set, first watch the video. Why is it important to tell the truth? You need to text the answer on the 2do


We can revise lots of French vocabulary with this fun website that says the words, shows pictures and has lots of games to help you remember the vocabulary.


This week, when you get onto the home page of website click on ‘Topics’ then click on ‘Animals’.  This week focus on the sections ‘Animals- Pets’ and ‘Animals- Farm’.  Go through the full tutorial or you will not know how to play the games.  The ‘en’ button reveals the phrase in English.  Please make sure you spend time on the website first before attempting the 2do quiz I set on Purple Mash.  Top tip: take notes! The website has clear lessons and lots of learning games; the quiz I set just allows me to check your learning.


This term we will be linking our work with our History and Science topics. We will try to make sure that these are activities that anyone can do at home and won't require lots of art materials.


This week I would like you to create some mindfulness artwork to link with Mental Health Awareness Week. Look at the video below and see if you can create your own zentangle.



Zentangle Patterns

ICT - Dance Mat Typing. This is a great skill to learn and very useful for when you start to type longer pieces of work. You will need a keyboard to complete this.


PE - some great videos and ideas here for different PE skills


9am everyday Joe Wicks will be holding an online exercise class at the address below. - Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing is also offering dance lessons daily


Websites for audio books.

Websites for daily practice of timetables

Websites for daily spelling practice