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Expect the Best


w/b 1.6.20


Monday: Explain to someone you are at home with what has happened in the first five chapters of the book, so far, thinking about what you know, what you think and what has surprised you.


Tuesday: Read the next chapter – ‘Do Your Duty’ and answer attached questions.

You can  listen to it here


Wednesday: Look at the following words and write definitions for them and use them in a sentence:

        Glimmers of excitement, hearty raps, cellar, bout of shyness, credentials, called up, bewildered, attic


Thursday: Draw Olive and Cliff's journey of their experiences so far, think about the key points in the story that we know and try to include them in your drawing, examples to include and expand upon, might be: Dad going missing, cinema, hospital, evacuation, train journey.


Friday: Choose one of these extended writing opportunities:

1. Rewrite the postcard – but write it honestly.
2. Rewrite this part of the story from Queenie’s perspective.



You have two options for your Maths learning both are areas that you have already covered within Year 6 but it is your choice where you would like to focus your learning. The Year 6 work should be at a suitable level however if you are struggling or need a bit of a challenge then try a different year group.


BBC Bitesize (fractions to percentages):


Oak Academy (multiplying and dividing fractions):



This Half Term we will be looking at light. We will be starting with some Oak Academy lessons and will then link this knowledge to our History topic of World War 2.

This week follow lesson 1 here and complete each activity.



Key Question: How and why was propaganda used in World War Two?


Watch this short video about propaganda:


Task: Read the questions on the attached document. Can you discover what these posters were for and who they were aimed at?


Extra: Can you find any other forms of propaganda? What is one of the most famous pieces of wartime propaganda?



We are returning to Buddhism this half term and what religion teaches its believers. The Oak Academy has released this brilliant online lesson: which reinforces the story of Siddhartha Gautama and goes into further detail about the origins of Buddhism. All you need is your home learning book (or paper) and something to write with.  When you start, you do not need to do the quiz at the beginning. Close the introductory quiz and go onto the next activity; the quiz asks about a subject you haven’t covered and therefore is not relevant to the main lesson.  Try the quiz at the end though and see if you can get all 8 points!



Our art this half term is linked to WW2.  Look at the attached pdf to see examples of wartime sketches made by someone who was in the army at the time and to find out the details of your task.  Your job will be to recreate a wartime sketch book using some of the techniques mentioned.



Please see the attached booklet to do some transition sessions for moving up to Secondary School at your own pace. This booklet is designed to be done a page each week so should last you for the whole of this half term.



The Association For Physical Education, are uploading 2 videos a week to their website and youtube channel. It would be really wonderful, if you could take part in some activities at home! 

Please also, if you can, send in any photos or videos of you and your family having a go at these to the year 6 email at the top of the class page.


There is also the weekly Virtual School Games to take part in as well.