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Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - This morning we will be revisiting multiplication and repeated addition. First we need to remember to use arrays to show a multiplication, and then look at it to help us write a repeated addition equation. Finally, work out the answer. As a challenge I have included some questions where there are 2 multiplications which both need to be converted to repeated additions, and then the answers worked out before adding them together! Good Luck!

English- Today we are going to think about arguments that are used with persuasive writing. Watch this video to 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Listen carefully to the arguments as you will then need to sort the statements into for school uniform and against school uniform. In persuasive writing when you see another point of view it is called a counter argument. Once you have watched the clip. Sort the arguments into for and against.  Think about what your opinion would be a write an argument of your own.

Guided Reading - Please see yesterday's information for books, questions and activities.


PE- Remember that it is important to stay fit and healthy so continue to do some sort of exercise whether that is going for a walk, doing a Joe Wicks workout, playing games in the garden or perhaps even trying some dance or yoga.