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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning!

English - Please complete the comprehension questions based on the, 'Tortoise and the Hare' traditional tale. The story and questions are on the PDF document below. Sheets with 1 star on the bottom are for Earth group. Sheets with 2 stars are for Mercury and Mars and 3 stars on the bottom are for Saturn and Jupiter. The answer sheets are also there so you can get your parents to check your answers (no cheating)! You can complete the answers in your English books if you can't print the sheets out. Please read the story carefully before you begin. If you need your parents to help you read a tricky word that's ok.

Maths- Please have a go at this shape lesson . Have a go at drawing and describing shapes using the number of sides and vertices (corners). 

Guided Reading - Your guided reading books and activities were shared in yesterday's page so please have a look at that for more details.

PSHE - Continuing our theme of staying safe we would like you to think about places you might play and how safe they are. Seeing as we are all in our houses currently, I have included some activity sheets about rooms in the home and finding any dangers in the pictures. Alternatively you have a chance to draw a safe and unsafe place to play and describe why they are safe or unsafe and there is a sheet for you to complete this activity on. Finally there are some cards with different situations on, and you could talk about them with an adult, and decide what is unsafe and what you could do about it. Remember your safety circle from previous learning to help you.