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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Tuesday 5th May 2020


English: Using the notes that you wrote yesterday. We would like you to write a recount about your day yesterday. Remember you need to include the following:

  • Time connectives
  • Past tense verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces.

Use the documents attached to help you write your recount. Be as independent as you possibly can so that means parents are to only guide you, you need to do all the writing and the thinking.


Maths: We are recapping our number bonds to 10 today. Number bonds of 10 always equal the same number; 10. You could count out 10 items, put them in a row and move each one by one to the left. You should be able to see the pattern that is happening; 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc. The first number is getting bigger by 1 and the second number is getting smaller by 1. Watch the BBC Bitesize daily lesson; Focusing on the number bonds to 10, practice finding all the number sentences that make 10. The exercise attached to the daily lesson is on Purplemash for you to do. There is a game for you to play at the bottom of this page once you have finished. Or you can play the game; Click 'number bonds' then 'making 10'.


Phonics: Today we are going to recap the alternate spelling of ‘ie’ for the sound /igh/, as in ‘pie’ and ‘tie’. To remind yourselves, watch this short video

Once you have attached the short video, complete the activity on Purplemash where you need to listen to the words carefully and spell them in the box provided.


Guided Reading: Log onto Purplemash and answer the questions about the book that you read yesterday.


Science: Today we are going to be looking at a different type of animal – amphibians. Amphibians can be identified by the following features:

  • Amphibians are cold blooded.
  • Amphibians live on land and in water.
  • Amphibians have webbed feet.
  • Amphibians have moist skin.
  • Amphibians lay eggs.

Work through the powerpoint that is attached below and look at the following BBC website before completing the activity on Purplemash. Explore this link for more information on amphibians.