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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Morning Activity: Watch Newsround and find out what is happening in the world. What did you find out? Is there anything you need help understanding?

Reading: Go onto the website Go onto ‘All Levels’ and choose ‘Book Bands’. There you can pick your child’s reading book band and choose an appropriate book

Maths: Log onto Purplemash to find your activity on shape. You may have to sort shapes into regular and irregular. Regular shapes are were all the sides are the same length and irregular are where they are not the same length. Some of you may have to pair the name to the shape. Once completed, have a go at this game . Can you name some of the shapes that you are using?.

English:  Look at the Purple Mash activity ‘Your Own Fairy Tale Plan’. Recall all the fairy tales that we have read and some of your other favourites. Plan the beginning, middle and end and remember the features of a fairytale. We start with ‘Once upon a time’ and we end with ‘happily ever after’. There is normally a problem and a solution. You could add magic to your story to make it even more exciting to read.

Phonics: Go to the following webpage and play the game. Match the ‘kn’ digraph words.

Topic: ICT Practice keyboard typing