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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today you will be creating a tally chart (remember the 'gate' is closed on the count of 5) and a bar chart about hair colour and eye colour. The data you will need to show is attached below along with a template for your bar chart. You can either use a 1:1 scale (counting in 1's up the axis) or a 1: 2 scale (counting in 2's up the axis). We have also created a 2do on purple mash which is a graphing activity if you would prefer to record the data onto this. Good Luck!


English-  Today we would like you to listen to the story again, this time thinking carefully about the obstacles and problems that the boy and the penguin face. How do they overcome the problems? Using the sheet attached pick out the different obstacles and problems that are found within the story and how they are solved. 


PSHE - To continue our theme about staying safe and recognising dangers, we would like you to think about senses. In particular a 'sixth sense' which gives you 'a not sure' feeling or an indication that something is not right. Sometimes we get butterflies in our tummies when we are anxious or worried, and this could be part of our 'sixth sense'. When we get that 'not sure' feeling we need to respond and to do something which helps us feel ok again. On the sheet below are some different situations. Read them through with a grown up and then think about how you would respond to them. Remember our previous learning about our safety circle.