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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Maths: Watch the video from the White Rose Hub website: Lesson 1: Introduce weight and mass Once you have watched the video, log onto Purple Mash and complete questions 1-4. Use the pen to tick your answers and then type your reasoning. Once completed play this game

English: Watch the video of Little Red Riding Hood On your 2Dos list on Purple Mash, there is a letter to write. Imagine you are Little Red Riding Hood and you are thanking The Woodcutter for helping you. Think of what would have happened if The Woodcutter had not saved you from the vicious wolf. Remember to include all the features of a letter – Address, Date, Dear/To, a question and who it’s from. Use the word mat provided for key words to include in your letters.

Topic Geography: Look at the maps of Huntingdon (old and new). What do you notice? Write down your observations, thinking about the changes in the physical and human geography. Look at the word mats to remind you of these features. Attached are larger versions of the maps from the past and the present.

Spellings: Log onto Purple Mash and complete your spellings that were given to you last week. You have 10 seconds to remember the word and then type how to spell it after it disappears. Good luck!

Reading: Log onto Purple Mash and check your 2Dos ‘Ned and The Three Bears – Chapter 2’ only