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Tuesday 21st April 2020

PE- Continue to do some sort of exercise. You could do a work out with Joe, practice some ball skills, go for a walk or perhaps try some yoga.

Maths –  Have a look at this nrich task.

Use the number cards to try and make different but correct calculations. Investigate what combinations  you can make? Eg. 2+4= 6  Can you use all the numbers in one calculation?  What commutative calculations could you write where you can swap the numbers around (e.g. 2+4=6 and 4+2=6)? How many different calculations can you find?

English – Try and remember the different features found in a recount and make up some of your own actions to help you remember them. Perhaps you could even record your actions and put them on our class blog or send them to our year 2 email.  This week we are going to be writing a recount so think about something exciting you have done this Easter holiday or imagine an exciting trip you could go on with your family. Use the planning sheet attached or the planning sheet on purple mash to help you think about the key events that happened. Remember to use the checklist to help you think about the structure and exciting vocabulary you should try and include. (Time words, past tense, adjectives, adverbs, exciting verbs, 'feelings' verbs)

Guided Reading  - This week during guided reading you will need to complete the following tasks. You will need to read a book based on your guided reading groups in school, answer questions based on that book, practice your handwriting , Complete the compound word quiz on purple mash and have a go at some of these games.

To log in to Oxford Owl use the username and password sent on purple mash email. To find your books follow the link below: 


Full stops - Rocket Flight 

Commas - Paris Adventure

Question Marks- Wild Wheels

Exclamation Marks- A life in the sky pages 1-13

Speech Marks- Tasty Travels pages 1-13

History-  Over the next term we are going to be looking at famous explorers to go with our let’s go topic. This week I would like you to research Marco Polo and design a fact file or information sheet about him. Attached are some useful links and a fact file sheet to help you.