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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good Morning! 


English - We would like you to research a country. I have thought very carefully about some countries you could find out about and I'm sure you will recognise them. However, you can choose a different country of the world if you would like to. Below, you will find links to websites and power points to use to research and record facts. Please make sure you ask an adult for permission before you look at these websites.These are a starting point, but if you have other sources of information like books or your very own expert at home you can definitely make use of them as well. You will need to think about a title, a hook, sub-headings, facts, pictures and captions which you will include. As this is quite a long process, this task will be open for 2 weeks. We hope you enjoy researching and becoming an expert in your chosen country. You can record your work in your English books or on the fact file 2do on purple mash. I have also included a planning sheet below which could help you with ideas of sub-headings. Remember, if you use the fact file on purple mash, to use all the boxes available by clicking on the small purple and big green arrows which open the file and 'turn the pages.'

You could also get creative and cook a famous dish, make the flag, sing a national anthem, make a map..........  the choices are endless!


Maths -  Today we would like you to practice reading the time to the nearest hour and half hour. Remember to use the language of o'clock and half past. Think about how many minutes are in half an hour if there are 60 minutes in 1 hour. I have attached some sheets that you can choose from and have also attached some time games and clock crafts so that you can make your own analogue clock. 


Guided Reading - Please see yesterday's information for books, questions and activities.


PE- Remember that it is important to stay fit and healthy so continue to do some sort of exercise whether that is going for a walk, doing a Joe Wicks workout or perhaps have a go at the  this weeks virtual games challenge which is cricket.