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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Tuesday 19th May 2020


English: Syllables are beats in a word. To work out how many syllables there are we tend to clap the word out. For instance the word butterfly, we would break it down into but-ter-fly. Therefore the word ‘butterfly’ has 3 syllables. Clap out your name. How many syllables does it have? Miss Wright has 2 syllables and Mr Halliday has 5 syllables! Watch the following video about syllables:

Complete the activity on Purplemash that will ask you to sort the words into how many syllables that they have. Once completed, go outside or around your house and find some things that contain 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4 syllables. What item can you find that has the most syllables?


Maths: Watch the video and see if you can recall the days of the week and the months of the year in order What day was it yesterday? What day is it today? What day will it be tomorrow? Do the interactive activities here: Order the months of the year starting with January: Do you know the 4 seasons of the year and what order they come in? Can you say what happens to the weather in each season? 


When you have finished with the activities complete the Purplemash activity: Days of the Week & Months of the Year. 


Phonics: Today we are going be looking at the alternate spelling of ‘u-e’ for the sound ‘/ue/’ as in ‘rude’ and ‘flute’. Watch the short video to recap the alternate spelling.

Once you have watched the video, complete the activity on Purplemash.


Guided Reading: Read chapter 2 of the story ‘The Tale of Ostrich and a Very Long Neck’, which is set in Africa, on Purplemash and then complete the activities that goes with it.


Science: Today is the last type of the animal that we are going to be looking at and that is the ‘fish’. We can tell if an animal is a fish by the following features:

  • Fish lives in water.
  • Fish breathes using gills
  • Fish are cold blooded.
  • Some fish have scales.

Watch the following video and complete the short activities on the BBC website

For this activity, let’s get creative. Look into all different animals that are fish and create an under the sea picture but make sure that you label it with the features of a fish.


Mental Health Awareness Week: This week is Mental Health Awareness and the theme for this year is ‘Sleep Heroes’. Check out the page back on our class homepage and have a look at some of the activities and information. If you complete any of the activities, we would like to know so send in your pictures to our Year 1 team email.


PE: Complete Day 2 of the Cricket challenge and send us your picture or video of you completing the challenge. Take part as prizes can be won at the end of the week for possibly yourself and the school. Photos and videos create points and points make prizes. For more information, see virtual school games tab on our home learning page.