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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we have an adding and subtracting challenge. First you will need to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 9 (for example 3, 5 and 8). Then you will need to arrange them into an addition calculation that has 1 single digit number and 1 double digit number. (For example using the numbers chosen previously you could make 35 + 8 or 58 + 3) Then you will need to create 6 addition calculations and 6 subtraction calculations using only those 3 numbers. Finally, work out the answer to them all!! Phew! Use the sheet below to record your answers. Remember to use tens and units to add and to use counting back or a number line to subtract. Keep choosing 3 different numbers and creating those different calculations.


If you want to extend the challenge, choose 4 numbers between 1 and 9 and create addition and subtraction calculations using 2 digit numbers. (For example you could choose 2,5,6 and 9 and create 25 + 69 or 62 + 95) Good Luck!

English- Today we would like you to continue writing your persuasive piece of writing remembering that to be persuasive you are trying to change someone's mind about a particular issue. Make sure you are checking your check list of features to ensure you are using them all. Once you have finished your persuasive writing, perhaps you could draw some pictures to go with it. 

Guided Reading - Please see yesterday's information for books, questions and activities.


PE- Remember that it is important to stay fit and healthy so continue to do some sort of exercise whether that is going for a walk, doing a Joe Wicks workout, playing games in the garden or perhaps even trying some dance or yoga. 

CHALLENGE: Create your own obstacle course using items from your homes. Please take photos and send it to the year 2 email address.