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Thursday 9th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we have got a wildlife theme to our maths. The lesson is about adding ladybird spots. There are 2 types of ladybirds in a garden. One type has seven spots and another type has 4 spots. Some children look at a leaf and see there are 2 ladybirds with 4 spots and 1 ladybird with 7 spots. One of the children says that is 15 spots altogether. Then they wonder what other totals they can make only adding spots from those 2 types of ladybird (e.g. only using 4 and 7 to make totals). They find 14 easy by adding 7 + 7. They also make 16 by adding 4+4+4+4. Your challenge is to try and make totals from 4 all the way up to 35 by just adding 4's and 7's. Please be aware some totals cannot be made. Follow this link to find a further explanation.


I have included some cut out ladybirds to help you if you need them and a recording sheet as well. Good Luck!

English- Today and tomorrow  we would like you to use your notes from yesterday to plan your persuasive piece of writing. Think about what arguments you are going use and what facts back up that argument. Think about how you are going to convince people of your view point. Think about a catchy title you can use to grab the readers attention. 



Science- Today we are going to think about water. Think about how important water is and what it is used for. Look at the PowerPoint attached and then think about how much water we use washing our hands. Think about how we could save water by turning off the tap while you wash your hands. How could we answer this question? What equipment might be needed? What would your prediction be? Follow the investigation and then write up your results. What did you find out? Once you have completed your investigation think about ways in which we could save water at school and at home.