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Thursday 7th May 2020

Thursday 7th May 2020


English: Tomorrow is a special day. It would be 75 years since World War 2 ended in Europe. In order to celebrate this event, I would like you to go through the powerpoint with someone at home and then complete the task that is mentioned – pretend to be Winston Churchill and announce that the war is over. Do this by logging onto Purplemash and clicking on the activity 'VE Day: Winston Churchill Speech'. Looking forward to hearing your inspirational speeches. Attached are also a couple of fun activities that you can print at home to complete.


Maths: Look at the BBC Bitesize home learning that recap how we add numbers together You can complete the extra exercises that are part of that lesson. On Purplemash complete the work; Addition Questions. 


Phonics: Today we are going to recap the alternate spelling of ‘i-e’ for the sound /igh/, as in ‘shine’ and ‘fine’. To remind yourselves, watch this short video

Once you have watched the short video, complete the activity on Purplemash where you need to choose the right spelling for the following split digraph i-e words.


Guided Reading: Log onto Purplemash and answer the questions about the book that you read yesterday.


Art: Look at the previous web page and click the 'Art' link underneath 'Summer Term Projects'. There are 3 tasks for you to choose from that are based on our Safari topic. Like the Geography task from yesterday, you have got the next three weeks to complete these activities. You could take some photos of your creations and either email them to the Year 1 email or put them directly on the Purplemash class blog. We would all love to see your creations!