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Thursday 30th April 2020

Thursday 30th April 2020


English:  Today we are going to be working on our past tense verbs. Past tense is used to talk about things that have already happened or existed before now. Verbs are known as doing words such as run, dance, write, go etc. In order to write in the past we need to add the suffix of –ed to the end of the verbs (walked, climbed). Watched this short video about adding –ed to end of regular verbs

However, some verbs are what we call irregular and do not follow the rule of adding the suffix –ed onto the end of the verb. They change their word completely. For example to swim turns to swam and to sleep turns to slept. See the attachment for a list of past tense verbs that do not follow this rule. Also see the powerpoint to go through past tense verbs.

In your home learning exercise books, I would like you to change the following verbs into the past. Either by adding the suffix –ed or the new past tense word:














To give yourself a challenge, can you write these words in a sentence that is in the past?


Maths: Numbers can be either odd or even. Even means the number can be shared equally between 2. You could count objects from 1-20 and see what numbers can be shared equally. You should see a pattern, that all the even numbers end in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. This is the same as when we count in 2s. Work your way through the videos; Then, complete the 2do on Purplemash; Odd and Even Numbers. To finish, complete the quiz; Odd and Even Quiz.


Phonics: Today we are looking at the spelling of ‘ie’ to make the ‘/ee/’ sound such as ‘field’ and ‘alien’. Watch the video to recap sound and spelling.

Once you have recapped, log onto Purplemash and complete the task of the alternate spelling of /ee/. Make sure your sound is on and listen to the words for you to spell using the letters ‘I’ and ‘e’ for the /ee/ sound.


Guided Reading: Answer the comprehension on Purplemash about the books you read yesterday. 


Art: Today we are looking at the different paw prints of African animals. Think back to Africa's Big 5 and their features. How many legs to they have? What would their paw or foot prints look like? Who has the biggest/smallest paw? Imagine them walking through sand, mud or dirt. What would be left behind? How could we recognise the animal that had walked there? Looking at the images below, choose one of the African animals and sketch their paw print. You could do your drawing in your exercise books or on a scrap piece of coloured/plain paper. Can you add some detail? Do they have claws or toes? You can add shading, creases and texture with colouring pencils, paint or any other medium you own.  


PE: Complete Day 4 of the Netball challenge and send us your picture or video of you completing the challenge. Take part as prizes can be won at the end of the week for possibly yourself and the school. Photos and videos create points and points make prizes. For more information, see virtual school games tab on our home learning page.


Design a banner competition: Using the template below, design a banner which thanks and shows support to the key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic. Once completed, take a picture and send it to with your full name, age and school details (St Johns CE Primary School, Sallowbush Road, Huntingdon, PE29 7LA, 01480 375026). The closing date is Friday 8th May at 5pm! 5 winners will be announced on Monday 11th May!