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Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning!


English - Today we would like you to describe a setting of a traditional tale, remembering a setting is where the story takes place. Lots of traditional tales are set in or around a wood. To describe the setting and to paint a picture in the reader's head you will need to use adjectives, expanded noun phrases and possibly similes as well. A simile is when you compare one thing to another, for example ' The enormous trees surrounding the shabby, wooden cottage were as tall as a city skyscraper'



expanded noun phrase



To help you describe a setting have a listen to the sound effects on this video which might help you with the objects in the setting you write about. In particular use your senses of hearing and seeing to describe the setting.


To show us your descriptions you can create a 2publish or a 2create a story and save them in your work file for us to look at (just let us know they are there), or you can write them in your English books. I look forward to reading your wonderful work!


Maths- Today I would like you to prove that addition can be done in any order but subtraction cannot. To prove this I would like you to build it using resources at home, draw it, say it and write it. 


Science - Last week you looked at how humans change as they get older. This week we have set a 2do on purple mash asking you to think about how some animals change as they get older. For example a frog and a butterfly go through some very different stages but a kitten or a puppy don't change their appearance very much at all. Choose an animal and complete the 2do telling us about how the animals change. The videos on this bbc bitesize page may help you.