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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today we will be concentrating on the fraction of a quarter. This is when we divide a shape or an amount into 4 equal parts (÷ 4).  You could gather objects at home and see if you can divide them into quarters making sure each part is equal in size. Even better you could make a cake and divide it into quarters - yum!

English-  Today we would like you to read what you wrote yesterday and think about how you could edit and improve your writing. Think about the words you have used. Could you use a more powerful adjective?  Could you add in a few more lines to create a better picture? Do your lines flow from each other? Perhaps you could read your poem to an adult and talk about how you it sounds and whether it creates a strong picture. Once you have edited and improved your poem write it in your neatest handwriting and illustrate it with a picture. 

Science- Today we would like you to investigate rainforests  from around the world. We would like you to go through the PowerPoint and then write down some questions that you would like to research about the rainforest. We would also like you think about the animals  and food that you find in the rainforest. Attached are some sheets to support your research. Please use the internet and any books you may have had home.