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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Kingfisher Class. I hope you are all well and continuing to work hard at home. I know some of you are completing lots of the tasks set for you on purple mash and on this class page. Thank you. If you haven't had a go at some of them yet - please do. I promise they are fun as well as educational!


English - write up your notes from your healthy living research. Make sure you check for punctuation, that your sentences make sense and that you have included adjectives, adverbs, a range of conjunctions and of course shown the structure of information texts using title, hook, sub-heading, facts.......... and of course pictures and captions. I am so excited to see your hard work really soon. Please send in typed or powerpoint work via the year 2 email or if you have been writing it, you can take a picture of it or possibly scan it (ask your grown up to help you) and send it in that way.

Maths - Your task today is a money task. Choose an amount of money between 20p and £1.00 and by using the coins we use in England, find alternative ways to create that total. For example to make 26p you could use 20p, 5p and 1p OR you could use 10p, 10p, 2p, 2p and 2p. Record your alternative answers on the sheet in your home schooling packs, download the sheet below or write the answers in your English book. I have also supplied a challenge sheet about a puzzling sweet shop. Have fun!

Guided Reading - Please try the top marks game mentioned earlier this week, practise your new spellings on the homework page and try to complete the spring activities booklet which is attached below. Remember answers can be written in your English books if you cannot print out the documents. Don't forget David Walliams reads every day on his elevenses video. The link to this is found in yesterday's work.

Science - If you still have your plants from school and they are continuing to grow, make some further scientific observations and measurements. Alternatively, you could, if you have a garden and seeds or bulbs plant another plant and take care of it making sure you give it what it needs to survive. I'd love to receive photos or drawings of your own gardening skills!

Phonics- I have attached below an activity to do with adding the 'ed' suffix using the correct spelling rule. Have a go!

R.E. - Read the story of 'Let's be friends' again which deals with the idea of forgiveness and then have a go at the activities and questions on the sheet attached below.