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Thursday 26th March 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

PE- Try PE with Joe at 9 am on Body Coach youtube   for your daily workout. I can really feel the benefits of doing this every morning.

English - continue to produce your leaflet, report or PowerPoint presentation. I really am looking forward to your end result. Imagine I am there with my pink and green pens - what would get you green? Please upload any finished pieces either to purple mash or alternatively they can be sent to our year 2 email address. 

Guided Reading - listen to a story by David Walliams or on the Oxford reading tree links below. If your parents are listening too, they could ask you some super questions about the stories to check you are comprehending what you are listening to. Then go onto purple mash and write an alternative ending to the story. Think about what you could change in the story.

Maths - Have a go at completing the money sheet below. Remember that you can use  coins more than once. Think about the different possibilities you could make. Think of two ways of making each amount. If you are in Red group you can complete the Core sheet as well as the red challenge. 

 Record this on your sheet and then stick it into your book. If you can't print the sheet use your book to complete the task. Please remember to write the date and LO if using a book.

Religious Education – Read the story of  ‘Let’s Be Friends Again’ and think about how the brother felt before and after he had forgiven his sister. After you have read the story listen to the music below and think about times when you found it hard to forgive and how it made you feel. Then listen to the second piece of music and think about times when you have forgiven people and how it made you feel. Write down your thoughts into the purple mash task. In this task you will also read something that Jesus said and answer questions on it.

Music - Try to make up a song using the tune of twinkle twinkle little star but creating your own words. It can be about anything you like. If you get some help you could always film it and send it in to me on the year 2 email address. I look forward to hearing some soon!



The wonderful author David Walliams is now reading a story on a daily basis for you to enjoy. The website is    Once you've heard it maybe you could write an alternative ending or become an illustrator and draw, paint, collage one of the characters in the story? Use your imaginations!


Oxford Reading Tree has also made some free e-books available during these testing times. This is one of the reading schemes that we use in school, so some children may be very familiar with the characters.