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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Thursday 23rd April 2020


English: This past week we have been looking at three books that have been set in a different culture to us. Culture means the way people live and the way that they do things. How are the characters culture different to ours? Do we do live the same lives as them? Is anything the same? How do you know that there culture is different? Is it set in a different country?


Maths: Play the tens and ones flash card game;

Click on 'Year 1', 'Maths', 'Maths Games' and find the tens and ones game. 

Now that we have ordered numbers from smallest to biggest using partitioning we can order numbers from biggest to smallest too. Choose three numbers on your 100 square. Make them from your tens and ones or draw them. Now order them from biggest to smallest. Can you explain why you have ordered them this way? How do we know which number is the biggest? How do we know which number is the smallest?


Complete the work on your PurpleMash 2dos; Biggest to Smallest.


Phonics: Today we are looking at the ‘a’ sound as in ‘acorn’. Work through the sounds outlined in the youtube video using the following link  

Once you have recapped all the different sounds, log into PurpleMash and complete the ‘a’ spelling task. Make sure you have your sound on as the words will be spoken to you to spell.


Guided Reading: Yesterday, you read the following book:

Elephants: A Dog’s Day

Zebras: Plants for Dinner

Giraffes: What’s that noise?

Lions: Perfect Pets

Parrots: Our Class Tiger

Today you need to log onto Purplemash to answer the questions about the book that you’ve read. Remember to answer your questions in full sentences as much as you can.


Art: Thinking of the Mammals that you looked at on Tuesday, which do you think can be found in Africa? What other animals can you think of that live in Africa? Can you explain what features they have? Do they have fur, tusks, hooves, stripes, horns or scales? Do they have a tail, four legs, a long neck, a trunk, ears, claws or wings? Watch the video and imagine you are on an African safari.


Now choose one of the animals to draw a picture of with pencil. First use the pencil to draw your body and then if you have colouring pencil, add the details. Make sure you draw the features. Has your animal got fur, rough skin, markings or feathers? Label your drawings too using the word mat below. There is a sheet that you could print for your activity or you could use your exercise book.