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Thursday 21st May 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020


English: Homophones are words that sound exactly the same but are spelt and mean different. For example, we have the words ‘pair’ and ‘pear’. These are known as homophones because they are spelt differently and they mean different things. But they sound exactly the same.

Pair – means two of – A pair of shoes.

Pear – type of fruit – I am going to eat a pear.

Click on the link to explore homophones more closely.

Once completed, complete the task on Purplemash where you will need to pair up the homophones. As a challenge, in your exercise books, write a sentence about each of the homophones, like the sentences above.


Maths: Now we know how to tell the time of whole hours, we will look at half past. Watch the video: Remember when a clock shows half past the long minute hand points to 6. Imagine a clock is a number line with numbers up up to 12, half of 12 is 6. Using your cut out clock, practice showing different times: "show me half past 6". You could also challenge by asking:  "What is half an hour later than 3 o'clock?". 


Complete the activity on Purplemash; 'Time - Half Past'. Once you have finished, there are some challenge cards to use below. Can you say the time that is an hour backwards or forwards?


Phonics: Today we are going to recap all of the alternate spellings for the sound ‘/ue/’. Watch this short video where it will remind you all of the alternate spellings.

Once you have watched, complete the activity on Purplemash.


Guided Reading: Read chapter 4 of the story ‘The Tale of Ostrich and a Very Long Neck’, which is set in Africa, on Purplemash and then complete the activities that goes with it.


Mental Health Awareness Week: This week is Mental Health Awareness and the theme for this year is ‘Sleep Heroes’. Check out the page back on our class homepage and have a look at some of the activities and information. If you complete any of the activities, we would like to know so send in your pictures to our Year 1 team email.


We have been asked by the Mental Health Officer for Cambridge United Community Trust to share with you a special live assembly that they will be delivering via YouTube for primary school children & families on Thursday 21st May at 10am on their YouTube page (please see photograph). They have asked that parents complete the following sign up form (see link) to help them to gauge who will be watching and from where -


PE: Complete Day 4 of the Cricket challenge and send us your picture or video of you completing the challenge. Take part as prizes can be won at the end of the week for possibly yourself and the school. Photos and videos create points and points make prizes. For more information, see virtual school games tab on our home learning page.