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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning!


English -  Please continue with your research about a country of your choice. Look for helpful information and details on Tuesday's page to support your work. Remember you need to plan your work and take notes before you write or type it.


Maths -  Today we would like you to practice reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Remember that there are 60 minutes in an hour and each number on the clock represents 5 minutes. Remember that once your clock has got to half past we always read the clock thinking about how many minutes it is until the next hour. Eg. 10:40 is 20 minutes to 11. I have attached some powerpoints and some sheets to help you. If you are still struggling with time keep practising oclock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 


Guided Reading- Continue to completed your reading activities from Monday. Don't forget to try out the games!



Science - This week, as part of our scientific learning, we are thinking about hygiene and in particular, and of great importance keeping our hands clean. Below I have attached a couple of powerpoints and an image of bacteria on our hands that our normal eye sight can't see. The image shows how important it is to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. I would like you to complete the 2do on purple mash or the pdf sheet (below) and explain how and why we need to wash our hands, but also explain the order that we complete it in. Stay healthy!