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Thursday 16th July 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today's problem is about adding numbers together and an imaginary game of darts! Using 3 imaginary darts and the dartboard below (or on the PDF) find and record different ways to get a score of 20. Remember if a dart lands in a shaded sector you get double that score. 


To extend the challenge find and record scores if you throw 4 darts. You will be able to make lots of different scores using 4 darts.

Picture 1
English-  Today we would like you to practice writing  sentences using subordinating conjunctions. Look at the picture attached and write a story based on the picture. Use a minimum of 4 subordinating conjunctions as well as adjectives, expanded noun phrases, similes, suffix words, apostrophes for possession and contraction and a range of exciting punctuation. 

Science- Today we are going to think about endangered animals around the world. What do you think the word endangered means? Why do you think animals become endangered or extinct? Have a look at the powerpoint attached and then have a go at researching a endangered animal and complete the fact file. Attached is some information on endangered animals but you can also do your own research and choose your own animal if there is something specific you want to research. Once you have completed your fact file I have also included an endangered animal top trumps game to play with your families.