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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Today you are going to create 'families of four' using multiplication and division equations. These show the relationship between these 2 operations. You will need to work out your answer carefully because if you get the answer wrong in 1 calculation, then it will be wrong in all 4 calculations!

e.g.  5 x 2 = 10

        2 x 5 = 10

       10 ÷ 2 = 5

       10 ÷ 5 = 2

Use the multiplication calculation sheets you used on Monday to create your happy families! Your sheets are attached below. 

English - Today we are going to be learning a new suffix. Talk to an adult but what a suffix is and what suffixes you have already learnt. Have a look at the PowerPoint and try to think of words with  'tion'. Can you think of other ways of spelling letter combinations that make the same sound? . Have a go at spelling words with 'tion' and then try and write some sentences using those words. Always talk to an adult about the meaning of words if you are unsure.

Science - We are continuing our learning about the environment. This week we would like you recap your knowledge of reducing, reusing and recycling. Sort objects into the correct recycling bin and then design and make something from rubbish and recyclable materials that are found within your home. Think about how the rubbish could be reused. 


Here a little animation that explains the impacts of throwing rubbish away.