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St John's Church of England Primary

Expect the Best


Teaching Staff

Robin Class: Foundation Stage class teacher - Miss Shearman
Wren Class: Foundation Stage class teacher - Miss Travers
Chick Class: Year 1 teacher - Mr Hall
Duckling Class: Year 1 teacher - Miss Dickenson
Kingfisher Class: Year 2 teacher - Mrs Morrish
Woodpecker Class: Year 2 teacher - Miss Prichard 
Puffin Class: Year 3 teacher - Mr Bhatia
Chaffinch Class: Year 3 teacher - Miss Woodward
Swallow Class: Year 4 teacher - Miss Moyle

Nightingale Class: Year 4 teacher - Mrs Maginnis
Red Kite Class: Year 5 teacher - Mrs Watson
Falcon Class: Year 5 teacher - Miss Carroll 
Eagle Class: Year 6 teacher - Mrs Hase
Barn Owl Class: Year 6 teacher - Mr Buddle

Part time teacher: Miss Lawson and Mrs Blake