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Summer Holiday Moving up Pack

Year 4, 


It is now the end of the Summer Term and the school year. By now you should have all received your school report so know who your new teacher is. 


Over the past year Mrs Maginnis, Mrs Ap John, Mrs Watson and Mrs Holt have enjoyed teaching and learning with you. The past 4 months have been different for us all. We have missed all of the usual end of term activities and the opportunity to say goodbye and wish you well as you move into Year 5. Remember to say hello to us when you see us. 


To help you prepare for moving to Year 5 we have put two learning packs here for you. Have a look at them both and choose the one that you think will be best for you. 


Have an amazing Summer Holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again with your new teachers in September.


Best wishes 


Mrs Maginnis and Mrs Watson