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Meet our St John's Parliament!


On Thursday 19th September 2019, children at St John’s CE Primary School took part in voting for their 2019-2020 members of parliament.


Children in each year group, from Year 1 to Year 6, who wished to be put forward for election, had to write a manifesto describing why they thought they would be good for the job.


All children cast a vote for the nominees in their year group to choose one girl and one boy. The votes were cast in secret and placed in a ballot box.


The votes had been counted and verified and the result were announced in a whole school Collective Worship on Friday 20th September 2019.

Picture 1 Year 1
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Picture 6 Year 3
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Picture 8 Year 4
Picture 9 Year 5
Picture 10 Year 5
Picture 11 Year 6
Picture 12 Year 6
On Monday 17th June 2019, members of the St John's Parliament went on an exciting trip to The Houses of Parliament. As part of this trip, they had a guided tour of the Palace of Westminster where the children learnt about the work of Parliament today. The tour also included a question and answer session with our local MP Jonathan Djanogly. The members of Parliament then visited the stunning Westminster Abbey before returning back to school.
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