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Sensory Circuits

At St John's CE Primary School, we run two Sensory Circuits Sessions, one in the morning before school and one after lunch.

Participation in a short Sensory Circuit prepares the children involved to engage effectively with the day ahead. Behavioural clues such as fidgeting, poor concentration, excessive physical contact or overall lethargy can indicate a child is finding it difficult to connect with the learning process. Sensory Circuits is a great way to energise or settle into the school day.

The children really enjoy working with each other and the adults leading the sessions. They complete a series of activities as detailed below and for the majority of children this leads to improvement in alertness and co-ordination in class. The class teacher should being to notice a difference quite quickly from the children, usually 2 – 3 weeks. Children are reviewed every 6 weeks. This involves teachers, parents and the children commenting to see if Sensory Circuits has been beneficial.


The three Sensory Circuits areas are:


Alerting: These activities stimulate the bodies’ central nervous system in preparation for learning. These include spinning, bouncing, skipping and jumping.


Organising: These activities demand the brain and body to work together. These include balance, co-ordination and concentration.


Calming: These activities give awareness of their body in space and increases the ability to self regulate sensory input. These include heavy muscle work and deep pressure.


The children attending Sensory Circuits at the moment really enjoy the sessions and improvements in their behaviour has been noticed.