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Rhyming couplets

Pudsey Bear


There is a bear who is spotty, 

And very dotty.

He doesn't waste time, 

And his favourite colour is lime. 

That bear, 

Has time to share. 



Pudsey Bear


Pudsey Bear is yellow, 

He is fairly mellow. 

He is spotty, 

But very dotty!


This is Pudsey Bear's time, 

He is going to shine. 

He is so furry, 

That he looks a bit blurry.



Pudsey Bear


Pudsey's very furry, 

But when he runs he's blurry. 

He draws very dotty, 

And he is very spotty. 

And sometimes

He likes limes. 



Pudsey Bear


There was a young fellow

And he was yellow. 

He was very dotty,

But his eye patch was spotty.

And did I say he's a bear?

And when he plays he plays fair.




Pudsey Bear


Pudsey Bear is yellow, 

He's also very mellow. 

He is spotty

And very dotty. 

He is a nice bear, 

Who likes to share.