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We have looked at what can be found inside a Christian church: a pulpit, a cross, pews, a font, stained glass windows, an alter and a lectern. For the next few weeks, we would like you to make a model of inside a church using junk material that can be found around your home (very similar to the junk material we used for your rockets).

For example, you could make the base of the church out of a cereal box or any sized box and you could use an egg box to make the pulpit where the vicar/priest talks to congregation. You could even make all the different features out of lego!

If you celebrate a different religion, you are more than welcome to build a model of your religions place of worship out of junk material.

Once you have created your model, send us a picture to or post on your classes blog page so everyone can see!

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

What can we find inside a Christian Church?