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Monday 4th May - Thursday 7th May


The Y5 Talk4Writing Booklet - will be your English work for the next couple of weeks. 

In your DAILY emails on purple mash you will be guided, as to what parts of the booklet to complete and how to do this. 

Some parts can be done through purple mash - I will set 2do's when this is appropriate and others can be completed directly into your green exercise book that was given to you. 


If you have any questions about your work, as always, email me through purple mash or your parents/carer can email me on


This week for maths,  you will be following a series of lessons, all based on fractions from NCETM. The lessons are as follows; 

  • Lesson 1 Develop understanding of equivalent fractions through quantity, area and number line models
  • Lesson 2 Develop understanding of equivalent fractions through measuring and pouring context
  • Lesson 3 Use the relationship between the numerator and denominator to identify equivalent fractions
  • Lesson 4 Scale the numerator and denominator by the same factor to produce equivalent fractions
  • Lesson 5 Practise seeing both vertical and horizontal relationships in the context of equivalent fractions
  • Lesson 6 Introduction to equivalent fractions for non-unit fractions.

Below you'll find links to a YouTube playlist with these lesson videos and a Teacher Guidance document;


Use the link to access youtube site and locate the lesson videos. Each video, will clearly explain, at the beginning, what you will need for each lesson. They will then go through what you need to know to cover the objectives and give you some activities to complete independently. All of the objectives above, we have covered in school. This is just a refresh and recap to keep those minds ticking. 


Further to DEMAT guidance, we will be reviewing and revisiting RE topics we have learnt about before.  This week we will be thinking about the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ which we learnt about in the first part of spring term. If you can’t remember it you can read the attached file which has it on.  After you have familiarised yourself with it, try the 2do.  You need to think how a Christian would follow Jesus’ advice to encourage people to help others and design a poster.


We have been looking at impressionist techniques and focusing on pointillism.  This week I would like you to apply this technique to create a poster- you may wish to use this for the competition that has been set on our school website.  Some examples and a further explanation can be found in the attached pdf.