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Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning!


Maths - Investigate totals you get when you add different combinations of odd and even numbers. For example if you add 3 odd numbers will the answer be odd or even - why? Use the Learning objective sheet below to support your thinking and explain your answers. Hint - think about what it is to be an odd and even number and also use drawings to help. Also use single digit odd and even numbers as this will help you explain your answers.

English - Start to create lines of poetry about Easter using different word types. Open the sheet attached below and use the top example to help you follow and copy the poem pattern. You can write as many differnt lines of poetry as you like as long as they follow the pattern shown.

Spelling and maths test - use the purple mash spelling test to test yourself or get a parent to test you in your English books.

Guided Reading - Use the game to help your mental addition calculation skills. Read a funny book and write a new blurb for it. Practise next week's spellings which are on the homework page.