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Monday 30th March

Dear Year 4,


We hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend. 


Today we are continuing with the work set on Purple Mash. 


There are also links to activities online for you to complete - these are on your class pages on the school website. Both classes have the same activities. When you have completed them please let us know, either via Purple Mash or You can send screenshots or photos of your work. We can then respond to you. We would love to see any other activities that you complete at home and we could share them on the website. 


Work hard. 


Mrs Watson and Mrs Maginnis.


Don't forget to listen to the David Walliams story being read aloud at 11 am today


Learning tasks for today:


Week 2: Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Divide 2-digits by 10


Watch the video and then complete the task in your exercise book. The answers are available for you to check your work when you have completed the tasks. 


Some other activities you might like to try:

Don't forget to continue to learn your multiplication tables. 

Make up your own calculations to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 



Learn the spellings that have been set on Purple Mash. They are homophones, words which sound the same but are spelt differently. 


Write a newspaper article about our visit to the Cambridge Science Centre. 

  1. Before you start writing look at some good examples
  2. Plan what you are going to write. 
  3. Include interesting facts
  4. Make your writing interesting for your audience. 
  5. Edit your writing.


This task should take you at least two days because you need to look at different types of articles, plan, write and then edit your work.  

You can send your work in at different stages for help and advice. 

You can complete it in Purple Mash, on paper or an electronic format. 


I look forward to reading your work. 



Click on the link below to get the 'Bendy-bones' experiment. 

Send in photos of your work along with a written explanation.




Have fun learning.